A history of
Italian beauty

Step by step, a long walk through the world of cosmetics with great respect for science and a maximum focus on the needs of each and every woman.


Hanorah is born due the initiative of a group of researchers and cosmetologists with the goal of creating a laboratory specialized in the design and production of functional cosmetics, able to respond to specific problems and different needs depending on the type of skin. A real revolution for the time.


The acquisition of Hanorah by the count Franco Cella of Rivara marks an important step in the company's history that turns into a complete cycle that rivals the cosmetics industry-leading role – in a market dominated by a few renowned name throughout the world. Thanks to the quality of its products, Hanorah ranks fifth in the world among the brands of high quality cosmetics.


These are the years of economic boom, of Mary Quant’s miniskirt, and the success of the Beatles. The world is undergoing a revolution of customs, women are discovering the pleasure of taking care of themselves. The first successes of Hanorah come into being: the vials for hair KERAMINE H, the deodorant, BREEZE. Followed by COUPEROSYS, the first line of treatment for skin with couperose and NOON, among the first solar lines introduced in selective channel.


Hanorah becomes the protagonist of the Italian cosmetic panorama with RIBOLINE, a revolutionary cosmetic treatment with ribonucleic acid that marks an important point in the history of Italian cosmetics. Precursor of every anti-time strategy, with RIBOLINE, Hanorah creates the “young maturity", marking a huge new trend: the prevention of premature ageing.


Hanorah’s Cosmetic research discovers the most cutting-edge law, that of affinity. The concept of “sebum-dependence” was born and related studies, patented by Hanorah, transformed into a real formulation ingredient, giving rise to exclusive products.


With a thirty-year tradition of seriousness and now firmly positioned among the main beauty brands, the trademark ownership Hanorah passes over to Diana de Silva Cosmetiques, which increases international awareness. Starts a process of internationalization that brings the brand to be present in the main foreign markets.


The brand was bought by a group of three entrepreneurs with consolidated experience in the world of beauty. Begins an intense phase of renewal and rationalisation of the range.


KARYS DUE Cosmetics, owner of Hanorah from 2012, initiate a strategic project to relaunch the brand with the goal of repositioning it first on the Italian market, then abroad. Thereby, once again, it turns on the spotlight to affirm the value of quality, research, scientific - absolute values, with which Hanorah contributed to its fame in the past and, on which it wants to construct the challenge of the future.