Research, technology, quality: the means of a cosmetic science that doesn't believe in miracles.

Since 1956, Hanorah's philosophy has never changed and it can be summed up in three words: research, technology and quality. These means of a cosmetic science that doesn't believe in miracles. These are the pillars of a 100% Italian brand that boasts a wealth of experience in cosmetology.
The commitment to research and the scientific seriousness are linked to an important legacy left by professor Igino Bonadeo, a pillar of Hanorah’s research activities since its inception and definitely one of the best known Italian cosmetologists.

Is the quality of the product that stands out, becoming a distinctive feature of the brand. Hanorah indeed believes that only real and measurable effectiveness can win the loyalty of its cosmetic consumers. It has always been committed to delivering quality products that guarantee reliability coupled with concrete effects for a tailored response for all skin types. Its mission? To ensure that every woman can take care of themselves according to their own unique individual and personal needs, building up their own beauty routine in complete accord with their own needs and demands.

The validity of Hanorah is embodied within a secret: knowing how to keep promises.