Woman’s friend.

Hanorah has always developed cosmetics with great precision and with great affinity towards a woman’s needs. Hanorah’s cosmetics represent a simple, however multi-faceted promise, which follows in the social, cultural and historical footsteps of its users. A promise that is inspired by one word: respect. For a woman, for her intelligence, for her role in the society of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Hanorah speaks to this woman, today just like yesterday, about a new concept of beauty that is not fuelled by a desire for impossible perfection, but with consistent, concrete, measurable results.

Motivated by the passion for beauty in all its forms, Hanorah takes care of every woman and their desire "be beautiful” along with her right to feel at ease in any situation. For Hanorah, every woman is distinct and unique: thereby, it is not the woman that has to conform to the cosmetics, but the cosmetics have to be able to adapt to her needs, the characteristics of her skin and her lifestyle.

For this reason, Hanorah has developed a wide range of supplemental and combinable specialities, capable of making every woman's beauty ritual personal and unique.



Hanorah was established by the professionalism of a group of Italian researchers and cosmetologists, guided by a scientific belief: between the human body and the outside world, there is only one barrier, THE SKIN, and the only way to protect it and preserve its characteristics is to recognise and provide what it needs.

This approach, coupled with constant innovation has allowed Hanorah to identify formulation principles over time that have become cornerstones in the field of cosmetics: from hydrolysed proteins as a solution for hair reinforcement (keramine H) to the identification of ribonucleic acid as an element capable of restoring freshness to mature skin, which Hanorah did back in the 1970’s, being 15 years ahead of its time with respect to cosmetic companies.

In the 1980’s, the introduction of the concept of sebum-dependence contributed to Hanorah revolutionizing the way of formulating cosmetics, enhancing its composition to be closer to the hydrolipid film that is naturally present on the skin.

It is this tradition of scientific merit and rigour in distinguishing, today and as has always been, every cosmetic proposal developed in Hanorah research labs. Skin-friendly, a daily ally for protecting the skin against external aggressions, keeping it healthy. This is because you can treat your skin right just by knowing it.

Primary Italian cosmetics industry, in 2016, KARYS DUE Cosmetics started a strategic project for relaunching the Hanorah brand. Strong with a cosmetic and scientific team that conducts continuous research activities, analysis and experimentation, the objective of KARYS DUE is to give historical continuity to the tradition of quality and authoritativeness that has marked the brand Hanorah since its inception. Continuity of purpose, continuity of its scientific research tradition, continuity of its innovative drive that characterizes every project. And yet continuity in carrying out a project “100% Made in Italy” with that passion, dedication, love and pride that characterize the entrepreneurial spirit of the Italian industry and retail.