Acquabalance face gel cream

Active moisturizing face cream-gel

50 ml

Fresh, light and delicate flowery scent makes the skin more smooth, soft and radiant. Leaves no residue and dries easily. Techno-moisturizing to protect the skin from external aggressive elements.

  • Active ingredients
    a mixture of active sugars to optimize water reserves
    Amino-acid and osmolyte complex
    Thanks to the mechanism regulating the flow of water through protein-natured channels called aquaporins-3, they are particularly effective in cases of dehydration
    Aloe Vera
    with hydro-restorative properties
  • Instructions for use

    Apply at any time onto cleansed skin. It can also be applied as a mask and, once absorbed, this is an optimum hydrating and fresh beauty treatment.

  • Texture

    Fresh and light cream-gel with immediate absorption

  • Skin type

    For all skin types. Special designation for young skin during the summer season

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