Age control night cream face & neck

Anti-wrinkle face and neck night cream

50 ml

Lipo-nourishing night cream for a preventive function against the first signs of ageing. Guarantees richness and protection, allowing the skin to increase its defences during the night. The formula is based on a mix of cold-processed vegetable oils and butters in addition to a synergy of vitamins and natural extracts that stimulate auto-generation processes of the skin. Can also be used as a mask SOS to recharge the skin immediately of renewed energy and brightness.

  • Active ingredients
    Pro complex-type vitamin C and E
    active support for antioxidant protection and combats wrinkles
    Plant extracts of palm, apricot and rose hips
    give the skin softness and compactness with protective barrier action
    Olive milk
    with an emollient function and dehydration-preventing function
    Jojoba lipogel
    with a cross-linked structure for a nourishing effect
    Illipe butter
    extremely emollient for immediate comfort
    Macadamia Oil
    dermophile lipid, present in the skin barrier of the skin young, decreases with age
    Passion flower oil
    rich in omega-6, improves skin barrier function
  • Instructions for use

    Apply in the evening by lightly massaging on face and neck after thorough cleansing.

  • Texture

    Rich and ultra-penetrating cream

  • Skin type

    For normal to dry skin

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