Anti-wrinkle treatment sunscreen - face cream, SPF 15

For dark skin or skin that is already tan

50 ml

Pleasant and delicate texture wrinkle sun cream, thanks to the photostable formulation, UVA and UVB filters protect the skin from the sun's rays, one of the main factors responsible for skin ageing. Ideal for a glowing golden tan.

  • Active ingredients
    Highly purified extract of watermelon of the Kalahari Desert
    desert fruit that grows in the most extreme conditions helps to protect skin DNA
    Vitamin E derivative
    antioxidant and nourishing
  • Instructions for use

    Generously apply the product to the face before exposure to obtain a uniform protective film, enough to guarantee the level of protection.

  • Texture

    Soft cream that melts into the skin

  • Skin type

    For dark skin or skin that is already tan or for very fair skin during the last days of sun exposure.

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