SOS remedy

Biphasic serum, anti-smog ++

Brightness activator

8 ml

Combats dull complexions and protects the skin from air pollution. This exclusive complex promotes brightness and protects the skin from damage caused by dust, smoke, smog and, in general, from all sources of air pollution - one of causes that triggers the oxidation process. Skin protected in this manner is free to breathe and will shine with new light and revitalisation. For a even, luminous and protected skin, sheltered from the damage caused by external agents.

  • Active ingredients

    Pure vitamin C, combined with hyaluronic acid, calendula extract and panthenol help skin combat the underlying factors of skin ageing, promoting regeneration while protecting it against external aggressive elements

  • Instructions for use

    As a personalized enhancement treatment
    To enhance usual treatment, put a dab of Hanorah cream onto the palm of your hand, add 10 drops of S.O.S. Remedy and mix with your finger. In the mornings and evenings, apply onto the face and next, massaging it in until completely absorbed.

    As an intensive treatment
    You can take advantage of the product’s innovative technology as an intensive facial treatment to give all of it formula’s benefits to the skin. In this case, after cleansing, apply 10 drops directly onto the skin and spread on the face and neck.

  • Texture

    Transparent serum for a impalpable but ultra-penetrating finish

  • Skin type

    For all skin types. Special designation for fatigued skin

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