Boto-effect face cream

Anti-wrinkle night and day face cream

50 ml

Boto-effect treatment with specific action to counteract the effects of excessive micro-contractions of facial muscles. Thanks to the presence of M-Relax complex, it possesses a dual effect aimed at acting at the heart of wrinkle formation. Acts to relax muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles and possess effective wrinkle-filling action with a firming effect.

  • Active ingredients
    M-Relax Complex
    synergy of hexapeptides and a special vegetable protein. The hexapeptides prevent wrinkles by counteracting the effects of micro-contractions; vegetable protein gives it a superficial and firming effect wrinkle filling action.
  • Instructions for use

    Mornings and evenings, following precise cleansing, apply a small amount of the product to the face and neck, rubbing in gently until it is fully absorbed.

  • Texture

    Soft and silky ultra-penetrating cream

  • Skin type

    For mature skin. Particularly suitable for normal to dry skin

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