Compact bronzing powder with SPF 15

With complex of trace elements and precious stones

20 g

Ultra-fine and silky texture to a bright finish. In contact with skin it blends perfectly, ensuring a uniform coverage and promoting a "natural look". Fine wrinkles and other imperfections are visibly minimized. A special formula based on trace elements and precious stones makes your skin soft and smooth, making it regain its natural vitality. Enriched with SPF 15 sunscreens, it protects the skin from premature ageing.

Available in 3 hues:

  • 01 natural skin
  • 02 amber skin
  • 03 tanned skin
  • Active ingredients
    for an illuminating effect
    Vitamin A and E
    with antioxidants properties
    Complex of trace elements and precious stones
    helps stimulate circulation and micro-circulation, giving luminosity to the face
  • Instructions for use

    With a brush, smooth over entire face with light movements from the centre to the edges. If necessary, apply on neck and chest to avoid unsightly colour accents.

  • Texture

    Ultra fine and silky texture.

  • Skin type

    For all skin types. Especially suitable for sensitive skin, red skin, prone to couperose and other imperfections

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