Double action face cream

Extra comfort anti-wrinkle face cream

50 ml

Dermophile cream with moisture-restoring action with an integrated anti-ageing effect and against sagging skin. The special concentration of active ingredients performs dual action on the skin: on the surface, it protects the water balance and improves cellular cohesion. In the deeper layers, it keeps the skin structure elastic and firm.

  • Active ingredients
    AMF (Aminoacid Moisturizing Factor)
    promotes hydration
    Jojoba wax
    emollient and nourishing
    Similar ceramides
    optimize cellular cohesion, thereby combating dehydration and protecting the water balance
    Vitamin E
    antioxidant protection against free radicals, mainly responsible for skin ageing
  • Instructions for use

    Mornings and evenings, following precise cleansing, apply a small amount of the product to the face and rub it in gently until it is fully absorbed.

  • Texture

    Rich and enveloping cream - “extra-comfort” effect

  • Skin type

    For mature skin. Particularly suitable for normal to dry skin

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