Extra night face cream

Night face cream for delicate skin

50 ml

Facial treatment with a comfortable texture; nourishes the skin giving a sense of lasting pleasure. Improves the skin's natural ability defend itself and acts as an antioxidant counteract free radicals.

  • Active ingredients
    during your night sleep, it allows the skin to rebuild its capability to defend itself, with deep antioxidant action
    Grape polyphenols
    antioxidant effect on the superficial capillary network
    B-sitosterol phospholipids/escin extracted from horse chestnut
    effective in defending the tonicity of superficial micro-circulation
  • Instructions for use

    In the evening, on the cleansed skin, apply to the face and neck, massaging in gently.

  • Texture

    Soft and ultra-penetrating cream

  • Skin type

    For all sensitive skin types prone to couperose. Especially recommended for undernourished skin.

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