Extraordinary face treatment

Intensive face treatment for sensitive skin

50 ml

A facial day and night treatment with a rich and comfortable texture. Stimulates the skin to defend itself against external aggressions and acts as an antioxidant protecting capillary surface network and improving overall skin tone. The skin, thus protected, will have a lighter complexion will appear more relaxed with a decrease in wrinkles.

  • Active ingredients
    β-sitosterol phospholipids/escin extracted from horse chestnut
    effective in defending the tonicity of superficial micro-circulation
    Grape polyphenols
    antioxidant effect on the superficial capillary network
    allows the skin to rebuild its capability to defend itself, with deep antioxidant action
    Passion flower oil
    rich in essential fatty acids Omega-6, improves skin barrier function
    Polysaccharides macromolecules
    form a film on the surface of the skin, thereby increasing the defence capabilities of the skin from drying out
  • Instructions for use

    Apply onto cleansed skin in the mornings and evenings.

  • Texture

    Soft texture that melts right into the skin

  • Skin type

    For sensitive skin types prone to couperose.

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