HALT|AGE cosmetic filler eye treatment serum

Eye-contour cosmetic filler

15 ml

Modern treatment inspired by the skin rejuvenation methods of cosmetic surgery. Fills and smooths out wrinkles from the outside with immediately and noticeable results, promotes relaxation of fine lines and signs of fatigue and combats attacks by free radicals, improving the appearance of the delicate eye area and preventing the onset of wrinkles. The eye appear firm again and homogeneous, as well as rejuvenated. Sliding fluid emulgel , fresh and light to the touch. With a soft and enveloping scented note, it instantly melts onto the face, helping to maintain the eye contours bright with a fresh and vitalized appearance, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.

  • Active ingredients
    Fresh fruit cells
    act as bio-available vehicles for essential nutrients originally contained in ripe fruit
    multifunctional antioxidant of latest generation that increases the vitality of dead skin cells, counteracting the factors responsible for skin ageing
    hydro-volumizing action
    Silicone elastomers with a velvet touch that smooth the skin's surface
    nourishing action
  • Instructions for use

    morning and evening. Gently tap on the eye area well cleansed, starting at the inner corner of the eye up to the temples.

  • Texture

    Finest emulgel with an ultra-penetrating finish

  • Skin type

    For skin with signs of premature ageing, to minimize the impact of the time; for natural chrono-ageing skin, to prevent the factors that trigger the mechanisms of ageing.

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