HALT|AGE ultra-perfection restoring & smoothing cream 24h

Restructuring smoothing cream 24h

50 ml

Innovative cosmetic specialty perfecting the skin’s complexion with an overall regenerating effect. Improves skin appearance of fine expression lines, giving the skin a smoother and more homogeneous appearance, carrying essential nutrients, boosts self-repairing processes, counters the attacks of free radicals and prevents the visible effects of ageing, making your face fresher and brighter.
The unusual texture, being rich and velvety to the touch and pleasantly scented, gives the cream a unique touch, promoting a gentle relaxing massage and providing the skin with long-lasting benefits.

  • Active ingredients
    Fresh fruit cells
    act as bio-available vehicles for essential nutrients originally contained in ripe fruit
    multifunctional antioxidant of latest generation that increases the vitality of dead skin cells, counteracting the factors responsible for skin ageing
    with hydro-volumizing action
    Low-melting-point waxes of mimosa, sunflower and acacia
    Hydro-nourishing action
    Jojoba wax, candelilla and rice
    nourishing and protective
  • Instructions for use

    In the morning, apply on face, neck and décolleté with light movements until completely absorbed. To be used in alternation with HALT | AGE Multi-protection SPF 25 anti-age cream during the winter months.

  • Texture

    Soft cream with an enveloping touch

  • Skin type

    For skin with signs of premature ageing, to minimize the impact of the time; for natural chrono-ageing skin, to prevent the factors that trigger the mechanisms of ageing. Especially recommended during seasonal changes and in the winter.

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