The Cleanser

Hydrating and protective tonic

With Aloe Vera and distilled cornflower water

200 ml

Softening lotion specially formulated with respect to the delicacy of sensitive skin. Gives the skin balanced moisturization, immediate well-being and comfort. Maintains natural moisture balance.

  • Active ingredients
    Aloe Vera
    with hydro-restorative, emollient, and refreshing properties
    Distilled cornflower water
    with protective, soothing, decongestant, refreshing, and balancing action
    Sodium PCA
    increases the retention of water in the stratum corneum, thereby promoting an optimal hydration rate of skin’s surface
  • Instructions for use

    Apply a cotton pad and gently pat on face and neck after thorough cleansing.

  • Texture

    Delicate lotion with a thin and comfortable touch

  • Skin type

    For dry and delicate skin

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