Moisturizing day face cream

Moisturizing face cream for delicate skin

50 ml

A fresh and extremely comfortable, naturally moisturizing gel cream thanks to a special hydrophilic beeswax, for an effective antioxidant and an extraordinary sensorial qualities. Improves the barrier function by providing protection that lasts over time. Perfect to soothe skin that suffers from annoying redness and heat.

  • Active ingredients
    Moisturizing polymers
    provide protection for the skin and surface hydration over time
    B-sitosterol phospholipids /escin extracted from horse chestnut
    especially useful for maintaining the physiological permeability of the skin and capillaries. Effective in defending the tonicity of superficial micro-circulation
    Grape polyphenols
    powerful antioxidant effect on the superficial capillary network
    Illipe butter
    moisturizing, protective, super-emollient, firming
  • Instructions for use

    In the morning, apply the cream onto face and neck with a gentle massage.

  • Texture

    Fresh cream gel with a gentle and comfortable touch

  • Skin type

    For skin that is sensitive, very dry and prone to couperose

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