Rapid self-tanning agent - Facial and body cream

Progressive colouration

100 ml

Soft cream that is gentle on the skin, to obtain golden and radiant skin all year round or to intensify your tan during the summer. The coloration progressively increases in 2-4 hours and application of the cream can be repeated until the desired intensity of tan is achieved.

  • Active ingredients
    DHA and organic sugars
    to give the skin a golden colour and natural without sun
    Corn starch
    with the emollient and softening properties
    Special beeswax
    for a naturally moisturizing and emollient formulation
    Illipe butter
    super-emollient for immediate comfort
  • Instructions for use

    Apply a thin layer of cream onto dry and well-cleansed skin. Spread evenly and smooth on the face and body. Smooth the sides of the face and towards the hairline. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

  • Texture

    Soft cream

  • Skin type

    For all skin types

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