Regenerating and brightening serum specifically for couperose

With organic hyaluronic acid and caper extract

30 ml

Based on anti-redness plant extracts, this concentrated moisturizing serum has a soothing action that is beneficial for all skin types, especially when it needs a intensive treatment. It also improves the tonicity of the capillary micro-circulation for more resistant and healthier skin. Its fresh and light texture of the impalpable serum promotes immediate absorption of the active ingredients, instantly leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. Pure organic hyaluronic acid helps improve hydration and optimize the hydro-lipid film, ensuring maximum protection and comfort. Contains no parabens, alcohol, mineral oils or allergens

  • Active ingredients
    Concentrate of pure organic hyaluronic acid
    moisturizes and improves the skin barrier
    β-sitosterol phospholipids/escin extracted from horse chestnut
    maintains physiological permeability of the skin and capillaries; effective in defending the tonicity of superficial microcirculation
    Helichrysum extract
    anti-redness and soothing action, prevents skin cell ageing. It has antioxidant action against UV rays
    hydroxyethylrutoside (troxerutin)
    improves tone of superficial capillary network
    Caper extract
    anti-inflammatory, soothing
  • Instructions for use

    Mornings and evenings, after a thorough cleansing, apply a few drops of liquid and spread it all over the face focussing on reddened areas. Follow with the usual treatment. It can be used alone or in combination with your usual treatment cream.

  • Texture

    Lightweight texture with an impalpable touch

  • Skin type

    For sensitive and irritated skin

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