Restructuring filler serum

With fresh cells from fruit and hydrolysed sesame proteins

30 ml

Being an elixir of instant beauty, this serum is an essential concentrate of youth that smooths out skin levels, levels wrinkled surfaces, thereby filling them in from the outside, preserving the vital cellular supply and fights free radical attacks. The skin transforms instantly, revealing a healthier and more relaxed appearance and an optimal skin tone. Silky and ultra-penetrating; this extraordinary serum with a warm and reassuring scented note spreads easily and melts instantly on your face, making it more compact, homogeneous and vital, thereby giving a pleasant feeling of freshness and relaxation. Contains no parabens, alcohol and mineral oils.

  • Active ingredients
    Fresh fruit cells
    act as bio-available vehicles for essential nutrients originally deriving from ripe fruit
    multifunctional antioxidant of latest generation, increases the vitality of skin cells, counteracting the factors responsible for skin ageing
    with hydro-volumizing action
    Latest generation of polymer gelling
    It melt in contact with enzymes of the skin, leaving the skin soft and giving a feeling of immediate freshness
    filling action
  • Instructions for use

    In the mornings and evenings, apply to the face and neck after thorough cleansing with a gentle massage. Complete with the usual day and/or night cream.

  • Texture

    Serum-filler with a comfortable and enveloping touch

  • Skin type

    For premature-ageing skin

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