Super-rich after-sun moisturizing cream

With aloe vera, shea butter and hyaluronic acid

200 ml

The super-rich after-sun cream is soft and full-bodied thanks to its particular formulation, being suitable for that needs nourishment and hydration after sun exposure.
A cocktail of active moisture-restoring ingredients and emollients make your skin look silky soft and tan for a longer period of time.

  • Active ingredients
    Hyaluronic acid
    moisturizes and improves the skin barrier
    Aloe Vera
    with hydro-restorative, emollient, regenerating and refreshing properties
    Shea butter
    emollient and nourishing, due to its texture, it is very effective in the case of particularly dry skin
    Macadamia Oil
    nourishes and protects the skin barrier
  • Instructions for use

    Apply it to the skin and gently massage until completely absorbed.

  • Texture

    Rich and full-bodied cream

  • Skin type

    For all skin types

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