Perfect body

Tightening and firming cream

With Withania Somnifera and vitamin E

250 ml

Rich and dense that combines the efficiency of an exclusive pool of active ingredients with the pleasure of an incredibly soft and melting texture. Reinforcing and revitalizing formulation combines the properties of the extract of Withania Somnifera with refreshing and nutritious ones contained in the juice of green coconut. Vitamin E and shea butter provide nourishment and protection, for a incredibly soft, toned and smooth skin. Used regularly, it is a treatment that helps prevent sagging skin and keeps the skin firm and redefined.

  • Active ingredients
    Mixture of Withania Somnifera and Green Coconut
    Revitalizing and anti-stress complex Stimulates cell metabolism, increasing the energy trading and promoting the defence mechanisms of stressed cells. Rebalances and protects damaged and stressed skin
    Shea butter
    rich in vitamins and nutrients that give healing, emollient, antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing properties. Helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin
    Vitamin E
    antioxidant, protective, an adjunct in combating skin ageing
    Macadamia Oil
    rich in palmitoleic acid, essential acid physiologically similar to the skin, it has emollient, nourishing, rebalancing of the natural hydrolipid film
  • Instructions for use

    Apply in the mornings and evenings and massage into the affected areas with circular movements from the bottom upwards.

  • Texture

    Soft cream that melts into the skin

  • Skin type

    For all skin types

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