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Vesto Volume breast tissue reshaping spray

With breast pump tissue filler

30 ml

Vesto uses pro-liposomal technology based on electrostatic charges. The product is sprayed on the bra and activates on contact with the skin: an extraordinary discovery that facilitates the use of the cosmetic product maximizing effectiveness and effects. At the base of the formula, there is an innovative system of transfer of the active ingredients in skin tissue, composed of positively charged lipid micro-spherules and functional cosmetic substances containing; adheres to fabric for electrostatic attraction and is later released on the skin. Body heat melts the micro-spherules and the active substances they contain are wholly and continuously absorbed by the skin.
The increase in volume is already visible after 14 days of use. After 30 days your breasts appear fuller, voluminous and toned. Right from the first application, the skin is smooth, firm and supple. The tissues are progressively more toned.

  • Active ingredients

    Vesto Volume is based on the revolutionary Breast-Pump Filler Tissue, the exclusive system of positively charged liposomes to attach to tissue fibres that have, however, always negative charge. The heart of the breast-pump filler tissue is an is an innovative hexapeptide that is ultra-effective in promoting a localized increase in volume. It acts naturally on the breast adipose tissue, increasing adipocyte maturation and making the breasts fuller

  • Instructions for use

    Spray three times within each bra cup and allow to dry. Wear everyday for at least 8h per day.

  • Texture


  • Skin type

    For all skin types.

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